Carpe Diem!

văd totul foarte limpede

aici deasupra ierburilor cosite

pașii mei fragezi se umplu de timp

de seva și de întunericul fântânii din adânc

aud cum răsar stele izvorând din rădăcini

gudurându-se de obrazul palid

al lunii pașii mei liberi vot trece

fără de lanțuri vor alerga prin

pădurea fermecată în curând su+

punându-se morții voi și

aprinde jalbele-n proțap

apoi am sa ard în cuvinte miile de cioburi

turle de biserici cu degetele înaripate voi atinge

capetele cavalerilor se

vor dezveli de coifuri

cetățile și maluri de lut

desferecate vor fremăta

aducându-ne pe mese

grămezile de liniște

albastră : -Carpe Diem, suflete! am să strig

de aici din desprinderea de oase

dear world

I feel that I liken increasingly more with you remembering really Can you hear me because I do not I recognize than anything vaguely carved as a temple tore down with the shoulders hunched listen your step .......................... how ruthless I feel love carved by heart stone.

Welcome to the NWU National Writers Union. Poems WikiEdit

NWU National Writers Union: Poems is dedicated to writers of poetry, poetry ancient medieval poems, poetry, classical, modern or asymmetric poems. It is created by Romanian writers affiliated at NWU, with quality American writers. This page is open to anyone with NWU-International Collaboration-Wikia.

The Description topic; Poetry Edit

Poetry is the art of the word. And this art has developed all sciences. Edit

In ancient times it was used like a video game in nature. With the levels and clear objectives described in verse. Edit

Award NWU legitimation Dorina Neculce 2 foto

The opening session of this page opens with the newest member NWU. Dorina Neculce American writer, a writer of poetry and modern asymmetrical

by Dorina Neculce, writer of NWU Edit


 the forced by DRILY times ,  


covered-in mantles by silence

with the wind ,ransacking

of my, ribs are

Award NWU legitimation Dorina Neculce 3 foto

on there

I flickers me winter

sprouting me all snows

which primes

When my voice goes through

-thought over the thought-

and yet-I-



in damp beddings

I will always stand

for the unlocking 

the hands and the legs

by blue drops from

drily winters

Award NWU legitimation Dorina Neculce 3 foto

Latest activityEdit

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